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A brand communication consultancy.

Get your story straight


Growth without strong foundations is a house of cards. Bateman’s specialises in helping young companies grow securely by defining a brand story your team, your customers and your investors can believe in.

Our approach


"Aaron has been our go-to copywriter for the past couple of years. He’s played a key role in the product teams when it comes to UX copy and scoping new features but he really comes into his own with brand. He was instrumental in helping us evolve our brand messaging and positioning while also helping us onboard partner agencies and new hires into the Qapital world."

– Katherine Salisbury
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

"Aaron was instrumental in finding a structured framework for us to describe our belief and mission towards our employees and customers. He works relentlessly until the final word is just perfect."

– Henrik Teisbæk

“For Yilu’s takeoff, we sought a well-rounded strategist with excellent hands-on copywriting skills and that’s Aaron in a nutshell. He was a great partner during the crucial phase of translating strategy to relatable language.”

– Frederik Cordes,
Chief Product Officer

"Aaron helped us craft our most effective pitch deck yet by finetuning our brand narrative and expressing it in a way that resonated with current and new investors. He was able to quickly capture the Empirical essence and his collaborative approach meant we could iterate fast."

– Mark Emil Hermansen,


“We are exceptionally pleased to be working with Aaron. He assisted us in developing the content for our new website, especially the ‘About’ page, and journal articles which are important in expressing our brand values. He easily became a part of our universe, and fully understood our tone of voice. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration for many years to come.” 

– Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen,


“As a spinout company, we stood before the challenge of shaping a new distinct identity and narrative. Aaron helped us develop our own unique brand, define what it means to be ‘Omhu’, and collaborated with a designer to also build a visual identity from scratch.  He was very thorough to ensure all voices of our diverse teams were taken into account, and we now have a beautifully detailed brandbook with all the essentials to guide us in our communications externally, while ensuring stronger cohesion internally.”

– Josephine Wiesener,
Communication Director

To discuss a brand project, write Aaron directly: