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Clarity then Direction

We believe your brand is your platform for growth. Brand is why you can charge more, it’s why people keep buying, it’s what will help you sell to more people. We prime young companies for long-term success by providing Clarity in what their brand is, and Direction for what it does.

Clarity in the essence of your brand

No two brands are built the same way, but the great ones tend to have total clarity about their idea. Encompassing mission, vision, purpose and positioning, your brand idea is a simple but powerful truth that unifies your team and informs your sales and marketing. Most importantly, this driving force is the essence of the emotional connection you want to make with your customers.

Uncovering and defining a brand idea is only possible when the founding team is aligned behind the fundamentals of the business. Start-ups and scale-ups where ‘brand’ is a faltering signal usually suffer from conflicting interpretations or vague definitions of value proposition, positioning, target audience and reasons-to-believe. Getting your team on the same page here might be the most valuable service we offer, which is why we try to insist on founder- and management-level involvement and sign-off. Once you’re aligned internally, you can turn your attention to maximising your brand’s relevance externally.

Direction for the role of your brand

Getting you and your team on the same page is a crucial first step. But ultimately, your brand is what other people agree it is. Shaping their perception positively depends partly on how you look, but mostly on what you do.

Whether it’s communication you put into the market or the experience you create for your customers – the things your brand does are your brand. Our role at Bateman’s is to help our clients do those things in a way that sets them up for long-term success.


While no two brand projects are the same, these services encompass the range of our work with clients:

Brand Idea and Brand Story

– uncovering the idea of your brand and articulating - precisely - a brand story that anchors how you communicate

Brand Identity and Distinctive Assets

– helping new brands turn heads when they hit the market

Brand Actions

– finding meaningful ways for your brand to deliver on its promise

Brand Futures

– exploring new visual expressions and uncovering cultural opportunities for more established brands

To discuss a brand project, write Aaron directly: